Simple pricing for coaching businesses of all sizes

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$ 190 / year 19 / mo

Great for small coaching teams with up to 10 Athletes.

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$ 390 / year 39 / mo

Perfect for growing coaching teams with up to 25 Athletes.

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Fantastic option for established businesses with more than 25 athletes.

Powerful coaching features included on all plans

We're focused on improving your coaching workflow. Your time should be spent focusing on your athletes, not chasing down late payments.

Tasks & Reminders

Never miss an important follow up or forget to plan your athlete’s training program. Get reminder notifications the way you prefer to be reminded.

Race & Event Calendar

Keep track of upcoming races and events and help plan everything you and your athletes need to do in one easy to use calendar interface.

Onboarding forms

Send athletes a shareable link and get your athlete’s information, goals for training and races or events they are working towards into CoachView.


Keep up to date with athlete communication and get notified by email or SMS when there are new messages or events to keep track of.

Bill your athletes

Create recurring payments or invoices and bill your athletes. Accept online payments through popular providers like Stripe and Paypal.

Athlete activity

Get an at a glance feed of email notifications, payment confirmations, coaching invites and other types of engagements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try out CoachView before paying?

Absolutely! You get 14 days free trial to test out the system. At the end of your trial you can either stay on or decide to cancel.

Why should I use CoachView?

We reduce the time it takes to manage your athletes by helping you keep track of all your reminders, races, athlete notes, payment details and more in one place of record.

We streamline the signup process for onboarding new or existing athletes into your business. We make it easy to collect an athletes details, training goals and more without a lot of back and forth from you.

Setup recurring payments or invoices and get paid from your athletes on time. With our integration into Stripe, you can setup automatic payments and bill the athlete with a proven payment platform (and since Stripe can connect to your accounting system, tax time is easier too!).

I have another question for you!

We’re happy to help you figure out if CoachView is right for you. Drop us a note and we’ll get back to you soon.

What happens if I want to upgrade/downgrade after purchasing?

Any plan can be upgraded/downgraded at any time and we'll automatically pro-rate the difference so you only pay for the actual time spent on any plan.

What happens if I need to cancel?

For lite, pro and elite accounts, you can cancel at any time by reaching out to As long as you cancel before the next billing cycle starts your won't be charged. Cancelling your subscription is effective at the end of your current subscription period. There is no cancellation fee.

Do athletes need to pay for an account?

No. Athletes are completely free in the CoachView platform. However, you can use CoachView invoicing to collect recurring payments from your athletes. We have a 2% processing fee for using invoicing. This is to cover the costs of what Stripe charges us for this service.

What if I have more than 25 athletes?

First of all, nice work! We have an elite plan with more options to help your business. Get in touch to discuss custom pricing.