CoachView Knowledge Base

We're reducing the amount of time it takes to manage your athletes, so you can focus more on coaching. A coach I talked to at RaceMania said "If your site can save me an hour a week, it'll be worth it. That's an hour I could spend with my kids or go out for a run." All of your reminders, races, notes and payment details will be in one central place instead of handwritten notes or iPhone reminders.

We are reducing the time it takes to onboard new (or existing) athletes. Right now, there is no standardized way in the industry to bring a new athlete into a coaching business, it's a collection of documents that are emailed around, now the athlete's information will be in one place making it easier to focus.

We are also increasing your revenue. No more missed or late payments, no more cash or checks. With our integration into Stripe, you can setup automatic payments and bill the athlete with a proven payment platform (Stripe). Another benefit, is that since Stripe can connect to your accounting system to make tax time easier.

Essentially, you send them a form to fill out, and that import directly into their account. No login is necessary.

There are two ways to onboard an athlete:

  1. You can onboard athletes easily by sending the athlete a link to your onboard form. If a user doesn't exist, the onboarding will automatically create one.
  2. After adding an athlete, you can click on the onboard form. You can copy the URL and send it to an athlete via email or however you need

This requires Stripe to be connected to your account. Once plans have been created, you can send a charge form to an athlete.

  1. You'll need a Stripe account (at the moment) to easily charge athletes a subscription.
  2. You can copy the web address and send it to an athlete.

Still working on it! Please contact us at