The Human Side of Coaching


There is an outstanding amount of data available to endurance athletes. Acronyms that make your head spin, TSS, IF, NP, FTP, oh my! To the average athlete this is overwhelming and usually ignored at the begining. To the seasoned athlete this data is (almost) required for training efficiently. What do the numbers mean? It all depends on how you or your coach analyzes and adjusts.

Let’s setup a hypothetical situation. Let’s say you (as an endurance triathlete) have had a pretty tough week of swimming, biking and running. You open up your training plan and your coach has given you a hard hour bike ride. The “struggle bus” arrives and it’s a miserable sixty minute ride. But you’re a trooper and complete it and upload the workout. Later that night, your coach takes a quick peek and everything looks good, but it’s not.

Regardless of what the numbers mean, there is still an athlete at the other end of that email/text/phone call. That rough sixty minute ride was not the only thing that athlete had to do that day; work, kids, errands, all needed to get done as well. We’re building CoachView to help coaches tackle this problem by providing a full suite of tools to help focus on better coaching instead of managing billing, lost emails or napkin notes.